Best Naturopathic Doctor Elderberry Syrup Recipe

December 1, 2019

Best Naturopathic Doctor Elderberry Syrup Recipe

By Dr. Nicole Sundene, NMD
Scottsdale Naturopathic Doctor

"How Do You Make Elderberry Syrup?" ~Holly Scottsdale, Arizona

Elderberry Syrup is easy to make, delicious, and makes for great gift bags to pass out around the holidays!

I have been passing out my pre-mixed Elderberry Gift Bags to all my patients to keep on hand for the second they feel that tickle of sickness in their throats and been hearing amazing feedback as to how well it works and even more important…how much better this works than a premade store bought elderberry syrup! Hooray, of course homemade is better.

Please keep your pretty elderberry bags in a dark cupboard and out of the window or they will lose potency in bright sunlight. These are great if you are fighting "The Virus" or any virus really!

The best part is you can invest $20-$50 in the bulk ingredients and then keep these Naturopathic bags on hand in your cupboard and they will be waiting for you when you need them. I would estimate one bag per 1-2 days per adult in your household. You can also check out my blog about more Immune Boosting Foods and Herbs in your Spice Rack in case you are stuck at home sick and need to rely on herbs and spices!

Elderberry Syrup Gift Bags:
1 Cup Elderberries
¼ Cup Licorice Root
½ Cup Ginger
6 Cinnamon Sticks
6 Star Anise
12 Cloves

Add 4 cups of water to the contents of the Elderberry Syrup bag. Then bring to a boil and reduce to a low simmer for 45 minutes. Let cool. Add 1/2 cup Manuka Honey (Optional) or 8-10 packets of Stevia before straining. Remove the cinnamon sticks and Star Anise so you can press the elderberries through your strainer the best you can as the medicine is in the dark pigments from the elderberries or the “Proanthocyanidins,” so make sure you are getting as much of that benefit as possible.

If you are making these bags for someone on cardiac medications, high blood pressure, or a blood thinner, you cannot use the ginger, or licorice, and should substitute those out with Echinacea Root or Thyme. Thyme is an amazing antiviral, as I discuss on my Naturopathic Favorite Things Blog, and has shown the best evidence thus far via research against “The Virus.” Patients with heart conditions or on medications should always work with their own Naturopathic Doctor before starting any new herbal medicines!

Adults: Drink ¼ cup of Elderberry Syrup every 2-3 hours diluted in hot water or tea at the immediate onset of illness.
Studies show that herbal medicine works the best at the IMMEDIATE ONSET of your illness so make sure you are making this and starting the rest of the immune support regime I use the second you feel that funny tickle in your throat. “Treat the Tickle!”
Children: Check with your Naturopathic Doctor on dosing Elderberry Syrup based on weight and age. This is generally safe for children though, and my own daughter says it is "Delicious!"

Always buy organic bulk herbs from a trusted herbal medicine company such as and Starwest Botanicals are what I personally trust as a Naturopathic Doctor and Herbalist for my patients and myself! I do not buy bulk herbs on Amazon as a Naturopathic Doctor this scares me because they may be stored in hot warehouses and therefore lose their medicinal properties. Also, there is no quality control in the US so you must be working with a trusted supplier!

These Elderberry Syrup Bags are great presents to make up for those you care about and drop off with my instructions. My Immune Boosting Blog linked above also has the preventive plan that I am following myself right now, based on the best scientific evidence I have been able to find, which I will share very soon in my next blog! Make sure you are following me on to get my latest Naturopathic updates and Herbal Medicine Recipes!

Stay healthy my friends!

With Love,

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