October 9, 2021


What’s bubbling in today’s cauldron you ask? Doc’s Skin Potion: Licorice Root, Ginger and Blackberries! The secret to having beautiful skin is finding creative ways to get more berries and antioxidants such as licorice and ginger into your diet.

Berries are high in flavonoids and vitamin C that help protect our skin from damage by free radicals. Anti-oxidants are also important to prevent the loss of collagen, the layer behind our skin that helps our skin to look plump and youthful.

A 2013 research study by The Journal of Preventive Medicine, concluded that ginger provides anti-inflammatory benefits via its active ingredient gingerol. This is why my patients notice how much better their skin appears when using my “Gingerberry Blaster.” This is what lead me to finding this research about the benefits of ginger for the skin!

Using ginger regularly helps the skin’s appearance and ability to heal faster as ginger is also a “Vulnerary Herb” or wound healer. A 2017 research study from The Journal of Phytochemistry demonstrated that 6-shogaol a component of ginger actually helped protect skin cells from UVB light and aids skin regeneration once damaged by free radicals.

Another 2020 study on ginger concluded that 6-shogaol may be protective against damage to melanocytes and a potential therapeutic agent for Vitiligo as well as Skin Cancer Prevention. So if you are constantly out in the sun or even often, my Gingerberry Blaster Recipe is an excellent “Daily Ritual.”

Did you know that licorice was also found successful in improving acne and Rosacea vs a 0.02% Triamcinalone cream in a 2018 randomized trial published in the Journal of Cosemtic Dermatology.

Many people do not believe I am 45, and I attribute that to herbal medicine and clean eating! My skin looks better now than it did at 20. Click on my Free Holistic Dermatology Presentation to see for yourself and learn more about how I use Naturopathy to treat the skin at the ROOT CAUSE:

#“Holistic Dermatology: Acne, Eczema and Itchy Skin” simply follow the link:

Dr. Nicole Sundene

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