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The Scottsdale Naturopathic medical clinic has been providing primary care and natural medical solutions for over a decade. Our naturopathic doctor combines modern science with natural herbs and nutrition to provide expert medical solutions for women’s health. We get to the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Our aim is to provide the best care using minimum or no prescription medicine.

Our cutting edge naturopathic treatments and glowing referrals are a testament to our exceptional services. We believe in the healing power of nature and seek to restore the natural vitality and energy of each patient!


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We offer B12 shots for people struggling with vitamin deficiencies. Our shots contain B-12 and all the complex B vitamins that the body needs. The shots help our patients fight fatigue, depression, chronic pain, memory impairment, and addiction disorders, among other conditions. Using only the finest ingredients, we ensure the safety and health of our patients!


What They are Saying

Best Doctors!

I have been visiting Scottsdale Naturopathic PCP for a while now. They helped me get to the root cause of my health problems and made an amazing treatment plan that focused on the causes rather than the symptoms. I can truly say I have never been healthier and happier!
Sarah Munroe
I’ve been seeing Dr. Sundene for over half a month. I have made many positive changes for my health and have been feeling a lot better now. Thanks, Dr. Sundene, you are truly amazing, and I love your natural recommendations and treatments. I highly recommend her especially to families that are looking for a natural treatment care provider for the entire family.
Earline Robison
Dr. Sundene is the best doctor for me. She went above and beyond. Great personality and great advice. What I love the most was her natural approach, which is worth a drive for me. I’d highly recommend her to all I know.
Frances Jenkins
I am an RN and have seen Dr. Sundene along with my family and friends for years. She is wonderful with natural medicines and hormones and I love that she can prescribe and adjust my medications. This saves us all time and money. “Dr. Nicole” as my kids call her is a joy to work with and helps us all stay healthy without many prescription drugs. We have 4 teenage girls and she has been a goddend helping with all the hormones and PMS! Brilliant.
Ryan Giles
My whole experience with her was nothing short of perfect. She was able to help my anxiety, and the medical situation by providing some natural treatments performed, and natural medicine that will help me more getting better. She followed up with a phone call which is something my doctor has never done. Her caring manner and calm spirit was a Blessing for me in a very stressful situation. I would recommend her services and seek treatment from her in the future if necessary.
Felix Graham
Dr. Sundene was very friendly, and take her time with you to address any concerns you had regarding with your condition, unlike other doctors I met. She takes her time in explaining things to me and thoroughly answers my questions. I battled many medical issues for about three years, and it wasn’t until I started seeing her, things began to improve. It has truly been a life-changing experience to have her.
Minerva Hancock
She is so great! have never had a doctor treat me with the respect and care that Dr. Sundene has shown me. She takes her time and gives you the real scoop. I didn’t feel like she was reading from a script or just collecting a check. I would recommend her to every woman I know.
Bre Korson
Dr. Sundene is an amazing Doctor that I’ve ever encountered. She takes so much time and gets to know about me as her patient. Because of her, My life has changed for the better, and I will continue whatever she recommends natural treatment so I can enjoy my family and feel great.
Lauren Kirby
I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed. I was battling hormonal imbalance, and she focuses on treating my condition and improving my health natural and traditional way. Now, couldn’t be happier because I feel better now.
Luciano Howell
I am glad that I found her. Her treatment protocol relieved most of my chronic pain. Her natural treatments helped me every step of the way to overcome it. I would highly recommend her for high-quality care.
Arielle Savana
My hormones were a mess. Dr. Sundene explained everything, made out a whole plan with diet, herbs and compounded hormones. I feel a million times better than before. Wonderful care!
Emily Watson
I have gone to many doctors for years for my neuropathy and nobody has really helped me. I finally feel hopeful as I improve on her diet and supplement plan. I am not all the way better but I am also not a drugged up zombie from too many pain drugs. This lady is by far the best option for chronic pain. She definitely knows her stuff.
Mary T. Henderson
Definitely a 5 star experience. The doctor spent an hour with me. I have never had any doctor ask me so many question. Very impressed.
Sean Short
I’ve had to battle with insomnia for the last two years, and Dr. Sundene gave me natural treatment were getting my mind, and body working right again. I sleep much better and a lot of time, my mood makes me feel the way I did. Thank you, Dr. Sundene.
Winston Garson
Dr. Sundene’s approach for patient care and treatment is exactly what I needed. Her passion, interest, and engagement will always set her aside from the rest. If health and overall well-being is your priority, look no further and you’ll get the best natural treatment with her.
Sharon Powell
A very compassionate Doctor that does not only promise but delivers a result. Dr. Sundene is the best doctor I’ve ever had. She is intelligent, caring and easy to communicate with. She returns emails and phone calls very quickly. My wife and I felt so blessed to have found her.
David Gale
Helped a lot for my IBS my only regret is not seeing a naturopath sooner. I feel better and after seeing many different doctors my problems are gone.
Joanne Sim
Everyone treated me so kind, and made me feel very relaxed. I loved how everyone explained the procedure and never left me in the dark about anything. All in all this place is amazing and I would truly recommend it to anyone who decides to pursue the same choice. You’ll probably never find a better group of people that show true heart for what they do.
Angelene T
Great place. Great customer service. The staff is committed and very dedicated to the patients. They will go out of their way to ensure the best outcome possible. I highly recommend this place.
Danny Humfries
I left the office in tears today because someone finally listened, found my diagnosis and gave me a plan to work on feeling better. I have been to dozens of doctors and endocrinologists that blew me off with my symptoms and said I was fine. But I felt terrible. Today I know why I feel how I do and I know I can also feel better. Thank you to this doctor for giving me hope! She is kind and very smart. Her staffs always are nice to deal with. You will feel welcome and safe here. More importantly you will get answers and solutions that nobody has given me in 20 years of going to doctor after doctor with my hormone issues!
Angela Koeller
I am very pleased to have worked with Dr. Sundene.In her, I found a medical specialist that is truly looking at my specific health issues and diligently addressing them. I couldn’t thank her enough! 5/5 stars!
Michelle V
We highly recommend Dr. Nicole, she is an exceptional NP who truly care about her patients. We travel often and every time we are there we try to visit with her and get her advise and when needed. So if you are in another country you can still have a consultation with Dr. Nicole. We are super grateful to have her as our Doctor.
Jeffrey A.
I have always struggled with depression and no medicine was helping. My psychiatrist recommended Dr. Sundene for an alternative approach. She did gene analysis, Genesight testing, neurotransmitter testing, tested my diet, changed my diet and used a variety of herbs, amino acids and supplements to finally get me out of this awful funk I have battled my whole like. The B-12 cocktails she makes at her clinic are truly awesome and I love that I can walk in and just get one on my low days without having to make an appointment. It is well worth the drive!
Mary Barrows
B-12 shots are by far the best here. I have been getting them for years and the cocktail shot is superior to other plain B12 shots elsewhere. I highly recommend. Staff is always kind and helpful. I have seen the doctor a few times when I was really sick and she worked me in on her schedule and was very kind and helpful. She knows a lot about herbs. I didn’t end up needing any antibiotics and it was the sickest I have been in a while. I liked that she wrote a prescription “just in case” you need it. I definitely feel well cared for here.
Kai Hart
Dr. Sundene figured out the real problem within me and treat what had been a years-long medical nightmare for me. She’s remarkably intelligent, down-to-earth, and extremely compassionate with her patient. Also, her staff has helped me navigate through all the tests, treatment options, and general confusion that goes with a long-term chronic illness. Now, I can proudly say that I found healing through her holistic approach, and I couldn’t be happier.
Lyda W
My partner is suffering of hormonal imbalance which was very hard for us to conceive a baby. She tried some medication prescribed by several doctors, but it didn’t work. But gladly a concern friend referred us to Dr. Nicole, they also used her before the time that they were also difficult for them to conceive a baby, same situation like ours. So we gave it a try. She was very kind and patient listening to our concerns and offered some natural & effective solutions for my partner’s health condition. It’s been 6 mos. taking natural treatments and it’s really a great miracle, my partner was finally conceived. And no words can express how happy we are right now. The long wait has finally come. Thank you very much, Dr. Sundene you’re such a great blessing for us both. I owe you a big one.

We’re very happy that we decided to look into naturopathic medicine.

Douglas Conway
Sleep problems have been a struggle since menopause. Doctor here is very thorough. She did more tests on me than any other doctor. Even the lady at the lab new her and said she was amazing. We have my hormones, adrenals and blood sugar back on track. I am no longer taking ambien for sleep. Thank you Dr. Sundene for your care and listening.
Jessica Thomas
I was so happy to find a thyroid doctor that also has hypothyroidism. I had been to every endocrinologist in Arizona it seemed and nobody could figure it out. Dr. Sundene was very honest with me about her own thyroid and adrenal problems and walked me through a bunch of options I had never heard of before! I am feeling so much better after trying the new medicine and finding what is right for my body. She said “Thyroid medicine is like trying on clothes” she was right. I am finally losing weight, not exhausted all the time and not depressed and feeling blah. Highly recommend her for a thyroid doctor! Or any kind of problem. She has fixed everything that was wrong with me!
Vincent Maxwell
Dr Sundene has definitely been a great asset in helping me to determine the causes of my health issues. Through recommended supplements and a no-nonsense eating plan, I am on my way to feeling better every day. I’m looking forward to feeling my best and am anxious to start every day with renewed hope.
Sonia Parish
Words cannot express how grateful I am for every team member in your practice! Though a difficult journey, you guys made it a very pleasant experience! The care I received was phenomenal!
Jonathan Marion
Dr. Nicole is kind, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I love her whole health approach to naturalistic medicine and how she digs deep to know my real case, and then provided a very cost efficient yet very powerful remedies to cure my illness. I learned so much with each visit. If I could give her 10 stars I would. I highly recommend his services!
Jason Abalon
Menopausal problems caused me to have painful intercourse for years. I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor and my friends all go to Dr. Nicole so I thought I would give it a try despite my skepticism about naturopathic doctors. Its annoying that everyone seems to have a naturopath these days. She is very easy to talk to, safe and non-judgmental. My discomfort was fixed in just a few appointments and my husband and I are so happy he recommended I write this review!
Winnie Craig
Dr. Nicole really helped me so much; she worked closely with me to target the cause of my chronic condition and focused my treatments to my specific needs even as they progressed. She’s truly the best option for alternative solution of my chronic problems. I’m very thankful that I found her.
Jennifer Hodges
Best fibromyalgia doctor in Arizona! If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired please go see Dr. Nicole. She is the first doctor to treat me without condescending judgement like I hallucinated my pain and just need Prozac. I am feeling better finally on the diet and herbs she has me on for pain and no longer taking medications. She is brilliant and kind.
Faris Luther
Dr. Sundene was truly a great Naturopathic doctor! I’ve been visiting her clinic for some follow up check ups for my hormone imbalance and PMS. Had been suffering for those illnesses and Dr. Sundene were able to help ease my pain within a month. She was very gentle, professional, very attentive and she truly cared about her patients. The office was were also nice, clean and had a great atmosphere. Definitely continue visiting this place!
Patricia Willis

Patient Forms

Please bring the new patient forms that can be downloaded from the link below when you visit us. To ensure the best possible treatment and care, don’t forget to bring all the necessary medical records including supplements and medicines you are currently taking, any lab work recently done, and special notes from your doctor along with you. We look forward to providing the best care for your health needs!