October 9, 2021


Between the fires, humidity and monsoons… my asthma has been horrible. So let me show you how I make my “Coconut Cough Syrup” by grating up a bunch of organic carrots to combine with cinnamon, ginger, licorice, cloves and star anise… and bringing it to a boil in organic coconut milk to help soothe my irritated respiratory pathways. This recipe is for asthma prevention, and is not a substitute for medicine. Although there are studies for coconut helping acute asthma I do not recommend that and it can be dangerous!!

Carrots are rich in beta carotene and thus an anti-inflammatory agent for the mucous membranes, beta carotene is necessary for repairing damaged cells. I happen to have a beautiful bunch of organic carrots I need to use up but you can also use butternut squash, yams, sweet potatoes, or squash. Most orange veggies are rich in beta carotene and make a delicious and powerful therapeutic “soup” I like to sip throughout my day when my lungs are not happy.

Licorice- Is a potent demulcent herb that helps soothe irritated membranes. You can feel the slippery quality in your mouth as you sip it very similar to aloe vera. Unless a patient hates the taste of licorice, or they have hypertension or other conditions causing licorice to be a poor herbal choice, I believe licorice is one of the absolute best herbs for coughs, sore throats and irritated mucous membranes. Specifically because it is also an antiviral herb and those of us with asthma are more susceptible to viruses and infections. Licorice tea is an excellent preventive daily tonic herb for asthma.

Coconut Milk is rich in the Phospholipids, the lungs need to heal and repair, it is antiviral and antifungal.

The more herbal medicine PLANT FOOD you can incorporate into your diet the less herbal capsules you need to take! As always, please check with your own doctor before implementing any new herbs as medicine.

Dr. Nicole Sundene

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