BHRT: Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

September 20, 2018

BHRT: Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


Please visit our SCHEDULE page to treat yourself to a NATUROPATHIC visit or Hormone Check Up!


Dr. Sundene is only accepting new Female patients with hormone, thyroid, endocrine, women's health, bladder, chronic pain, mental health, or dermatology conditions. Women with these hormone or chronic disease conditions can Book Online. Please ensure your NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK is submitted at least 48 hours prior to your appointment for the doctor to review prior to meeting you!

Labs and relevant imaging can be faxed to us at (480) 409-2644 by calling your lab, or by calling your doctor's office and requesting the tests, not the notes are sent to Dr. Sundene. Please do not send your labs by text message as this is not secure.

For assistance with scheduling your Naturopathic Hormone visit or for questions if Naturopathy can be helpful for your specific health chronic health condition if it is not listed as the doctor's specialty, please call (480) 837-0900.


We always refill your bioidentical hormones until you are legally due for a lab and follow-up visit. Please check with your pharmacy first before submitting refill requests. If you need a 30 day courtesy refill of your hormones to ensure your labs are accurate, please submit the REFILL REQUEST form. We need our patients taking the hormones regularly without disruption for at least two weeks prior to the testing for it to be accurate.

The refill form is legally required for all hormone lab requests outside of a scheduled visit. Please be sure to notify the doctor via texting her office cell phone (not voicemail) once you have completed the form. Once she has sent your BHRT hormone prescriptions to your pharmacy via eprescribe she will text back a confirmation. For hormones at Walgreens, CVS, Fry's, etc we recommend using their apps to confirm the prescription has been received and is being processed to save time waiting on hold. If the prescription is not in your pharmacy app within a few hours, please call your pharmacy first before texting the doctor. All refills require 2-5 business days to be processed.


To request a hormone lab slip please fill out this form: HORMONE LAB SLIP.

All hormone testing lab slips are given directly to the patient at their appointment, or via a portal email. We never send your lab slip to the lab. Please ensure you are at the correct lab that is contracted with your insurance company. While some companies do not care which lab you are at, some policies may deny 100% of your charges should you be at the wrong lab. Labcorp is our preferred lab, due to fewer errors and wait times than Sonora Quest.


Hormone patients should check in at the lab no later than 8 am. Hormones must be tested while the patient is fully hydrated with water but fasting (no food, caffeine, or AM hormones) during days 21-23 of the menstrual cycle unless otherwise stated on your lab slip. PM hormones should be taken the night prior.

Please do not get your hormones checked when you are not on the hormones consistently the two weeks prior to testing, or if you have accidentally taken any AM hormones as this will cause erroneous hormone labs and potential hormone safety issues.

Our hormone lab results take a minimum of 3 weeks to become final. We recommend you wait for the doctor to inform you the labs are final and correct before scheduling a follow up to avoid multiple appointments.

For more information on hormones and Hormone Testing, please visit our Bioidentical Hormone page.


Our clinic uses Fullscript for all prescription grade supplements, vitamins, and herbal medicines the doctor needs to balance your hormones. Once you have set up your account, you can continue to order the supplements and refill them as needed. Patients do not need a prescription to order prescription grade supplements, and we need you to continue taking the supplements to ensure the treatment plan continues to work once the patient's symptoms are resolved.

While we recommend every patient has an annual hormone check up, this is optional for patients that have resolved their symptoms of hormone imbalance.


Patients should plan to be seen monthly until their symptoms improve. Generally Naturopathic Hormone Doctors need to work with patients monthly until they have improved and then every 3-6 months after that. We do recommend an annual hormone check up to ensure women's hormones are optimal and not just "In the normal range."

Existing patients can request a lab slip at any point if they are concerned their hormones are not correct.

Visit notes with the doctor may be required to get your hormones covered per your plan.


Please allow two to three weeks for our hormone specialty testing to be complete before scheduling your follow up appointment after having your female hormones tested. The Total Estrogen test generally takes 3 full weeks. The lab will say often say "2-3 days" but that is not the case for hormone specialty tests.

To receive service from our Naturopathic Doctor, please book a visit on our SCHEDULE page or call (480) 837-0900 for assistance. We must see you annually to legally provide any hormones, advice, or medications per Arizona state hormone prescribing laws on thyroid hormones, and female hormones.

For more information on how thyroid, adrenal, and female hormones are covered per insurance please visit our Naturopathic Hormone Testing page.

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