October 9, 2021


My baby has a sore throat today, so she asked me to whip her up some “throat tea.” Cloves are the first thing I know I have in the cupboard that come to mind as they are a natural analgesic and numbing agent for pain, the proanthocyanidins in blackberries are also powerful anti-inflammatories and immune supporting.

So I am dumping a whole bag of frozen blackberries in as potent medicine. Licorice is soothing to the throat, antiviral and gives a sweet flavor acting as an important “Synergist Herb” or the harmonizer which is the herb that binds all the other herbs together. Honey is antiviral and antibacterial (Do not give honeyto babies.) Cinnamon is antiviral and Star Anise is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Basically the purpose of these oils in nature for ALL of these aromatic spices is to repel bugs and microbes naturally for the plant which is why they also work for us! I drink this straight but recommend giving about 1 Tbl to a child over 2 every 2 hours diluted in warm water. Work with your own #NaturopathicDoctor or #Herbalist

Testimonial: “This tea is totally nasty, Mom. But my throat feels so much better!” 😂😂😂

So there you have it! Natural Medicine works!

Dr. Nicole Sundene

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