"Natural Dermatologist" Rosacea Trigger Foods

January 1, 2024

"Natural Dermatologist" Rosacea Trigger Foods

"Are there any natural Dermatologist foods to avoid for my Rosacea?" Lilly Scottsdale, AZ

Rosacea is one of the most difficult skin conditions in Holistic Dermatology to treat and requires an aggressive Naturopathic nutrition, hormone, supplement, and general dietary support. Patients are quickly overwhelmed with the long list of potential trigger foods for Rosacea below and oftentimes cannot adhere to a Rosacea Diet or even understand what foods they need to be eating and avoiding without my help as a Naturopathic Dermatologist.

In addition to minimizing the foods known to trigger Rosacea it is imperative to test and balance hormones as this condition typically comes on with Perimenopausal changes in the thirties and forties, or with menopause around fifty. Thyroid conditions are also notorious for drying and irritating the skin whether the thyroid is too high or too low can upset acne and Rosacea in hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto's.

If you need my hormone and dermatology help for your Rosacea, simply visit my SCHEDULE page to treat yourself to a Naturopathic Hormone visit. I would be happy to help you identify which foods on the below list are triggers and walk you through my Naturopathic Dermatology process designed to improve Rosacea, Hormonal Acne, Cystic Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Hives, Rashes, Dandruff and Chronic Skin Conditions.

Common Rosacea Trigger Foods to Eliminate and then Test
Sour Cream
Soy Sauce
Yeast extracts (bread, soup, nutritional yeast)
Broad-leaf beans and pods
Citrus fruits (including tomatoes, bananas, red plums, raisins, figs)
Spicy and thermally hot foods, Liver and organ meats
Foods high in histamine (see below)

Drinks that Trigger Rosacea:
Alcohol, especially red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, vodka, champagne
Hot drinks, including hot cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea

Foods High in Histamine that Trigger Rosacea
Fermented foods (salami, pepperoni, sauerkraut, fermented fish, tempeh)
Artificial food coloring, especially tartrazine (yellow 5)
Benzoates including food sources of benzoates, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate
BHA and BHTAll prepared dairy products made with restricted ingredients
All cheese
All yogurt
Butter milk

Products made with:
Artificial colors and flavors
Bleached flour
Curry powder
Hot paprika (cayenne)
Seasoning packets with restricted ingredients
Restricted fruit
Some jams, jellies
Any food made with or cooked in oils with hydorlyzed lecithin, BHA, BHT
Grain products
Commercial pie, pastry, and fillings
Baking mixes
Dry dessert mixes
All breakfast cereals except those make with plain grains
Most crackers. Crackers must be gluten free, yeast free, and free of ingredients on this list
All packaged rice and pasta meals except with gluten free, yeast free natural/allowed ingredients

Vegetables That Trigger Rosacea:
All vegetables prepared with restricted ingredients

Fruits that Trigger Rosacea:
Fruit dishes, jams, juices, made with restricted ingredients

Meats and Legumes that Trigger Rosacea:
All fish and shellfish
All processed meat
All leftover cooked meat
Raw egg white (as in some eggnog, hollandaise sauce, milk shakes)
Soy beans
Red beans
Fats and prepared foods
Fats and oils with color and/or preservatives
Hydrolyzed lecithin
Prepared salad dressing with restricted ingredients
Prepared gravy
Flavored syrups
Prepared icings/frostings
Spreads with restricted ingredients
Cake decorations
Commercial candies
Flavored gelatin
Prepared relishes and olives
Soy sauce
Commerial ketchup
Flavored milks
Fruit drinks (except pure juices of allowed fruits and vegetables)
Carbonated drinks (except carbonated mineral water)
Alcohol: Beer, wine and cider and all other alcoholic beverages

Medications and Vitamin Supplements
Tartrazine is in some medications (both prescription and non-prescription), and some vitamin supplements. Essential medications should be tartrazine-free. Pharmacies keep a list of manufacturers who produce tartrazine-free products. Some toiletries and cosmetics may cause contact dermatitis.

Cosmetics That Trigger Rosacea:
The following products may contain benzoates, parabens, pthalates, and fragrance check labels:

Eye cream
Hair dyes
Hair sprays
Skin creams
Sun screens
Vanishing cream
Other cosemetics

If you need my hormone and dermatology help for your Rosacea? Simply visit my SCHEDULE page to treat yourself to a Naturopathic Hormone visit. I would be happy to help get you through the Naturopathic process of understanding your individualized Rosacea triggers.

Dr. Nicole Sundene, NMD

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Dr. Sundene is a Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is considered a Female Hormone Expert  in Women's Health and Bioidentical Hormones. She specializes in Holistic Women's Health for MenopauseThyroid, Hashimotos, PMS, PerimenopauseAutoimmune, Postpartum, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Food Allergies, Digestion, Dermatology , Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema and Adrenal Hormonal Conditions. In 1999 she began working for a Hormone Doctor prior to starting Naturopathic Medical School. With over 22 years of experience in both Prescription and Natural women's health and hormones she presents to women the best integrated health solutions for their Chronic Disease. She has been an Herbalist for over 27 years and enjoys teaching women how to use herbs to balance their hormones, nutrition and optimize their health. Dr. Sundene relies on blood testing for her hormone metrics. The hormone testing is covered per the patient's insurance plan and conducted at certain points in the woman's menstrual cycle. To learn more about Hormone Testing for Women Visit: Bioidentical Hormones. Follow Dr. Sundene on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for more tips on Women's Health, Female Hormones and Naturopathy!

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