October 9, 2021


Many people do not know that I was bedridden for years.

Fifteen years ago I lost the ability to do my favorite sport…mountain biking. Back then, my muscles felt like jello, and all I could do was sit in bed.

My legs felt as though I had just finished the STP, (Seattle to Portland) 200 mile bike ride, every single day.

I could not ride, or run, I couldn’t even play my piano because of the inflexiblity and stiffness in my hands. I found myself exhausted walking up just 8 stairs, when before I could run 8 miles a day.

I went from racing in triathlons, to feeling a simple trip to the grocery store was like an Ironman. Today I feel victorious for conquering this mountain. While I am still not able to bike for eight hours straight, I’m proud of myself and it feels good to be able to ride for 1-2 hours again.

I am so grateful to Naturopathic Medicine for my recovery. While the road has been bumpy and brutal, the blessings I have received as a doctor are Empathy and Wisdom.

My perception of Fibromyalgia and Autoimmunity have been shifted by my own personal experience and I will never view my patients the same.

I refuse to silently think my patients are “lazy or crazy” as many doctors have done to me. I’ve come to know, the lack of understanding from others can be more hurtful than the physical frustrations.

Fortunately I understand firsthand my patient’s “Silent world of hell.”

When patients in my office get tearful, it’s because they finally feel HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. It gives me goosebumps, I’m grateful for surviving my own harsh life lesson. I now have a firm understanding of how diet, nutrition, hormones and herbs can impact chronic inflammation.

If you would like to learn the simple 3 Step Naturopathic process I have used successfully on hundreds of patients to combat inflammation you are invited to my new webinar: “Hormones, Inflammation & Metabolism”

For those looking for a caring Naturopathic Doctor…I would be delighted to help!

Dr. Nicole Sundene

(480) 837-0900

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